A list of Podcasts where I have been a guest


White Label American

Ep 149: Without The People Who Listen To The Podcast, We Don’t Have An Industry ft Kerry-Ann Reid

In this episode I discuss how the podcast industry needs to prioritize the audience’s needs over technology and advertisers. In addition I share my personal journey, how I launched her own podcast, Carry On Friends in 2015. I discuss experiencing burnout due to pressure to monetize. 



It’s a Buzzcast Takeover – June 2021

In this episode, Krystal + Jordan + myself hijack Buzzcast from the guys to give their take on podcasting.

Shifting Perspectives

Telling Our Stories – May 2021

In this episode I chat with Yolande Robinson about the importance of support systems and the power of understanding that there is more than a single story to success. 



The Profitt Podcast

Find Your People Then Create a Podcast – March 2021

In this episode I explain how having an associated blog for your podcast can help increase your reach, find new audience and grow your brand.


Keep It Loud Crew

Talk with Kerry-Ann CEO of Breadfruit Media – October 2020

In this episode I chat with Sen-Ci Jones about our podcast journey and advice to aspiring podcasters.

Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast

Ep. 13: Blogging for Increase Listenership – September 2020

In this episode I explain how having an associated blog for your podcast can help increase your reach, find new audience and grow your brand.

Caribbean Millennials

Ep. 81: Caribbean Podcasting – September 2020

A great discussion with the Caribbean Millennials about the wider podcast industry, the future of podcasting and specifically my observations with Caribbean Podcasting. 

Forward Podcast

Ep. 10: Podcasting Journey – The Importance of Investing in Yourself  – June 2020

This episode is a full circle moment. I taught Natasha, the host how to edit her podcast and as she ended her first season, she invited me on the podcast to discuss the importance of investing in yourself. 

Matters of the Heart

Ep. 7: Battling Cultural Differences – June 2020

On Matters of the Heart podcast, I chat with Melissa about my experiences as a teenager when I moved to the United States with my family in the ’90s; and how I navigated the culture shock and differences.


Style & Vibes Podcast

Ep. 39: Dance Lock Off! – October 2019

In this episode I’m connecting with my ladies of Sip n Chat, an online radio program hosted by Mikelah, Jendayi, Jo Wheeler and myself, produced by Ronnie Tomlison. We’re dissecting the impact of the Noise Abatement Act being re-enforced on the Dancehall community, particularly in the country’s capital Kingston.

Reggae Lover Podcast

Ep. 167: When Dance Was Nice – October 2019

Part 2 of my conversation with the Reggae Lover Podcast centers around sound systems. I discuss my huge sound system cassette collection and favorite sounds.

Reggae Lover Podcast

Ep. 166: Carry On Friends – October 2019

In this episode I discuss my love for music especially my love for Reggae and Dancehall.

Style & Vibes Podcast

Ep. 36: Is Gyallis Culture Cancelled? – September 2019

The term “Gyallis” is a popular Caribbean slang for a man that is romantically involved with multiple women. In this episode we evaluate the history of gyallis in Reggae and Dancehall and evaluate whether it is cancelled or not. 

BuzzCast by BuzzSprout

Ep. 7 – Podcast Movement 2019, Work Cycle Tango, and Rookie Mistakes – (August 2019)

I got a chance to hand out with the BuzzSprout Team and did a recap of the Annual Podcast Movement Conference as well as some podcasting rookie mistakes.

This Woman Can

Ep. 35: Don’t let your ego stop you believing how great you are – July 2019

One of my more personal interviews. Where I talked about following my instincts more. Who I’d want to be my mentor. And more. 

Style & Vibes Podcast

Ep. 21: Bad Mind! – February 2019

In this episode, Mikelah and I dissect the idea of “Bad Mind.” A popular term in Caribbean culture and music, particularly Dancehall. We talk about why the term is so popular, how it is used and know the difference between  “Bad Mind” and constructive criticism. 


The Oh Hell No Podcast

The Oh Hell No Podcast Ep. 97: Meet Kerry-Ann Reid Brown & Discover The Carry On Friends Podcast – November 2018

In this episode I shared why I started the Carry On Friends podcast and how I am using the platform to promote Caribbean people and their accomplishments. I also share why it’s imperative to push the Caribbean Culture forward, how I have dealt with Cultural differences in the work place and where I hope to go by following my passions. 

Style & Vibes Podcast

Ep. 12: Only One Woman – October 2018

This episode dissects the notion behind why women in the music industry are pitted against each other and that there can only one woman at a time can be on the top; and what we think the future looks like for women in music.

Style & Vibes Podcast

Ep. 8: The Rihanna Impact – August 2018

Along with other guests, we talk about Rihanna’s influence on Caribbean music and predict where she’s going with this next album.

Style & Vibes Podcast

Ep. 2: Caribbean American Heritage – June 2018

In this episode I discuss the importance of carrying on Jamaican cultural traditions through music, food and other activities.

2016 - 2017

Chasing Dreams

Ep. 115: Using Your Own Flair to Help Others Chase Their Dreams – November 2017

What do you do when someone else holds the power over your situation? What do you do when you’re in a place of not being understood? How do you manage the pressure of trying to be someone else? In this episode of Chasing Dreams, I share with Aimee my answers to these questions based on my experiences.

Success Caribbean Style Podcast

Ep. 6: This Cultural Mindset Will Keep You From Success – September 2016

Sometimes we do not realize that some of our current behavior is a result of the conditioning that took place during our formative years.

In this episode, I discuss how our cultural mindset can stop us from accepting compliments, awards, promotions and other accolades, which helps us build self esteem and confidence.

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